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Nov 14th, 2020 - 9:00am start

Pre race 8:30am, registration and packet pick up 7:00am to 8:30am

Sprint - 6 hour cut off races. :)

Registration is FULL - this is a wait list

Huntsville Hammer


Second Saturday in November

Mark your calendar/Blackberry/iPhone



Now in its 18th year, this race has continued to grow and we expect another great turnout. This race is for beginners and experienced racers alike. Teams will bike, run and paddle in the beautiful woods, trails and lakes of Huntsville State Park . The weather and location make this a must do race. With temps usually in the 50's and 60's - you couldn't ask for better race conditions. Teams - Coed ,Female, Male, Masters (Solo also welcome) Canoe rentals are available also (reserve yours during online registration) or you can bring your boat (BYOB) canoe or kayak. There is great camping at the park for those wanting to camp. They also have nice screened in shelters with electricity. So grab your teammate and "Get into the outdoors - Do an Adventure Race! See below for more details, maps, photos, videos and registration (mail in - online check or CC - no fees - no accounts to create.

Sign up early and get your on site canoe reserved.

About the Race:

Where: TA is at Huntsville State Park (I45 - Exit 109) Click Map and Directions to Race 
Link to Huntsville State Park Website HUNTSVILLE STATE PARK
Average NOVEMBER Temperature is in the mid 50's - How sweet is that!

** We recommend racers arrive at 7:00am to get a good parking spot (PLEASE DON'T PARK ON THE GRASS!) warm up, stretch, set up bikes, sign waiver, get gear checked, etc **
*** Park entry fee of +-$7 per person is not included in race fee. If there is no attendant, non racers and non volunteers must pay at the self serve pay post next to the office.  Please be prepared for this and be courteous to Park staff at all times! *** The park is really been great about gettnig the racers through the gate early - Thank you Huntsville State Park for all the effort!

**** RACE STARTS PROMPTLY AT 9:00AM **** This is an hour later than in the past. :)

There is GREAT camping at Huntsville State Park. They have tent sites, nice screened in shelters with electricity, showers, and RV sites. Here is the link. Here is the number to call for camping 512-389-8900. If they are full keep calling back everyday - they often get cancellations. If Huntsville is Full there is also camping at Sam Houston National Forest which is close by. 
You can call for cancellations on a daily basis and may get a spot. 
There are several affordable nice motels in the area -
Americas Best Value Inn - 936-295-9151 - 5 min away

Sprint - 2-3 Hours - Beginner/Intermediate (Trail Run, Bike, Paddle - Flagged - Marked course)

6 Hour - Short Course - Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced 

12 Hour - Long Course - Intermediate/Advanced


Masters teams - All members of the team will need to be 44 years of age as of December 31st end of this year to quailify - 44 years old or older...

All distances are estimated - be prepared to race the full length of your race. 



Date: Always the 2nd Saturday in November

Race Start : 9:00 AM  

Pre-Race : 8:15 AM  -   Day of registration 7:00am to 8:15am    Park gates open at 6:30am


ENTRY FEES per-person a little less as teams get bigger
Category Early Oct 15-Nov1st Race Day - week
Sprint - PP  $65 $75 $85
6 Hour - PP $85 $105 $125
Canoe Rental $30 $35 $40

No support crews are required - the only support allowed is in TA.

* Racers with their own boats will have a boat drop the "MORNING" of the race - it opens at 6:30am - It is within a few 750 feet of TA.
* Sprint ,6 Hour & 12 Hour rental canoes include paddles and pfds - they will be near the canoes - if you would like to use your own you pfd and paddle and have rented a canoe you must take them with you on the paddle leg and bring them back to TA when you are finished.
* On site canoe, paddle, pfd rentals are available for the all races - reserve during online registration. 
* Teams can also bring their own boats as well. Solo or tandem or combination, canoe or kayak. 
* The only restriction for the boats is that they must be a non-motorized human-powered canoe or kayak

* Refund Policy: You are entitled to a refund, minus the cancellation fee until 2 weeks prior to the start of the race.
* Cancellation fee of $40 per person.
Within 2 weeks no refund!

* Texas Adventure Racing is not responsibility for refunds for cancellations in the event of natural or national emergencies. Natural emergencies may include, but are not limited to severe weather including heavy rain, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, river flooding, heat spells and cold spells. National or international emergencies may include, but are not limited to military conflicts, terrorist attacks, security threats, war, and heightened security alerts.
* Race takes place rain or shine. - this is an Adventure Race and you should be prepared.

Volunteers are needed to help man Check Points and to help as additional support crew. Click HERE to volunteer.
Click here for race day rules

If you need someone to race with  please email us and we will get you connected. Better yet get on our facebook page and
ask around.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the race
The Wade
1. Do you have any tips to help us in train?
The best training for the Huntsville Hammer would be to go Huntsville state park and ride the loop. It takes about 1.5 hours for beginners. Take breaks along the way and enjoy the scenery, most important make it all the way around. Then run some of the loop for hill training. Do that as much as possible between now and the race.
2. Is there canoe rental available for the Sprint Race
Yes - you can rent a canoe during online registration. It comes with paddles and life jackets. You can bring your own if you would like.
3. Is there canoe rental for the Sprint, 6 hour and 12 hour? 
Yes - you can now reserve a canoe for the 12 hour races as well - during online registration
4. Do we need to have previous map reading experience to do the sprint race?
  NO - if you have ever used a map to drive somewhere -  then you already have what it takes. The map will contain trails and roads with in the park that will lead  you to checkpoints. This is a VERY beginner friendly map section - anyone can do this section.
5. Will the sprint racers have to plot points on the map?
NO all the points will be pre-plotted for the sprint racers - Easy! . The 6 and 12 hour racers will plot all the points.
6. What does mostly marked course mean? 
Mostly marked course means that the run, bike, and paddle will be flagged with pink or orange flagging. The only part of the course that is not marked is the  part you will use your pre-plotted map (sprint only) .  
7. Do you have solo boats for rent at the sprint?
At this time we do not have solo boats for rent for the sprint. REI, rents kayaks as well as ACK and South West Paddle sports if a solo is what you realy want.
8. Can we bring our own boats for the race?
Yes, you can bring your own boats or kayaks. It must be a canoe or Kayak, solo or Tandem. You will want to keep your PFD and paddle in T.A. as the boats will not be watched during the race. While it is unlikely a boat will walk off paddles and PFDs are to easy so keep them in T.A. when not in use.
9. Can we pre-drop pfds and paddles with the boats at the 12 hour boat drop?
No you cannot - yo must carry everything with you too and from the boat drop and bring it back with when you return to TA 
10. Gearlist items state that they are not needed for a race less than 12hours. Eg. glow stick, 2 mile strobe. Do we need these?
No you do not need any items that are listed as required for a race more than a 12 hours.
11. Any guidance on how many times we might see TA during the 12 hour race? 
You will be in and out of TA several times during the race.
12. What time are you aiming for winners finish times?
12 Hour race. 10 - 12 hours 
6 Hour race . 5 - 6 Hours
Sprint 2 -3 Hours
13. How many seats do the rental canoes have ?
They rental canoes have 2 seats. A 3rd  seat is allowed to be used. Our sponsor SPRING CREEK CANOES has the best product on the market. We have used this seat in many races and it is still in perfect shape. HERE is a link to the seat.  You can use a milk create or step stool for a third seat - it has worked for us and is cheeper.
14. Will the boat drop be a manned checkpoint to protect our gear and boats from theft?
NO - we will provide a cable to lock your boat to if you wish or you could use a tree. Keep your paddle and PFDs in T.A. when not in use.
We have had no boat loss in 10 years and one missing paddle but it is up to you. Again we will have a cable to lock your boat to but you will need to bring a bike lock or such if you are worried. Otherwise you may portage your boat to and from T.A. a distance of 750feet.
15. Do I need to carry the items listed in the gear list for my specific race ?
YES - you must carry the items listed in the gear list for your specific race. They are for your safety and protection in the event something happens to you on while on the course. This is not a triathlon where you are racing on a closed course - you will be in the wilderness and we want you to be prepared. The "Individual" list every memeber must carry, the "Team" list can be split between team members. Solo has to carry it all.
Want more excitement - - held in late March or early April each year is another big Texas Adventure Racing event. Visit the page HERE for more information.


Huntsville Hammer Adventure Race

Huntsville Hammer Adventure Race

Huntsville Hammer Adventure Race

Huntsville Hammer Adventure Race

Huntsville Hammer Adventure Race

Huntsville Hammer Adventure Race

Huntsville Hammer Adventure Race