Adventure Racing in Austin Houston Dalla San Antonio TX



Adventure Racing in Austin Houston Dalla San Antonio TX

Adventure Race Rules

1.      All racers are expected to be examples of good sportsmanship. Racers must treat fellow racers & race staff with courtesy

       and respect.

 PENALTY: Strict penalties will be assessed for un-sportsman like behavior based on the infraction.

2.      Teams must assist fellow teams in need of medical attention.

 PENALTY: Strict penalties will be assessed for non assistance based on the infraction.

3.      Teams must always remain within 30 seconds of other teammates. (unless given specific instructions otherwise).
  PENALTY: First offense 4 hours or loss of CP (director discretion)/ 2nd offense Disqualification.

4.      All team members must check in together at each checkpoint. Only one team member needs to check in at TA except for 

      SPRITNT racers - both members must check in at TA. If one member must leave the course, they must do so at a manned 

      CP or TA and notify race management. If a team leaves a teammate out on the course that team will be immediately 

      disqualified and not allowed to continue unofficially. Incomplete teams may continue unranked. Incomplete or single 

     racers must carry the mandatory team gear. 

5.      Passports must be carried the entire race. Teams must punch passport in correct space at each CP. If you have 

      mis-punched - you may got back   to the original cp and punch beside it to prove you reached that cp. 

     PENALTY: Incorrect punch or failure to punch, team will not receive credit for that CP. 

     PENALTY: Lost passport Disqualification - you may continue unranked.

6.      Race bibs (if provided) must be worn on the outside of clothing at all times, except while paddling. Race bibs do not 

      have to be worn over packs. Some races will use wrist bands - the same applies
  PENALTY: 1 hour per offense.

7.      EACH RACER must carry with them at all times a device or devices that are capable of carrying 70 ounces of water 

      (2 Liters).  PENALTY: 1 hour per racer per offence. 

8.      All CPs must be obtained in order (UNLESS SPECIFIED). If a team misses a CP, they will be allowed to go back and 

       get the CP if they are still on the same leg of the race. If they have started onto another leg -they will not be able to go 

       back to the missed cp.

9.      Teams that miss a CP will be ranked after teams that obtain all CPs provided that all CPs are punched in the correct 

       spot. Missing a CP is defined as not going to a CP or mis-punching a CP. Being short coursed is the same as missing a CP for 

       the CPs that team does not acquire due to short coursing. Teams will not be penalized for missing a CP if the missed CP is 

       over 50 meters from the correct location of the CP. This is at RD discretion. 

10.  Race officials reserve the right to alter time cut-offs or the course itself to accommodate changing conditions and to 

     ensure that teams finish on time.  If your team is re-routed or there are other course change race official will 

     notify you.

11.  Mandatory gear must be carried at all times and will be checked on the course.
PENALTY: 2 hours for each piece of missing gear.

12.  No GPS of any kind including GPS pace counters are allowed. (Turned OFF Cell phones, "IF" part of the required gear 

PENALTY: Disqualification. 

13.  See race details for boat information. PFDS (Life Vest) must be worn at all times while paddling.
For not wearing PFD - Disqualification.

14.  Bicycle helmets are required at all times during a bike leg and when specifically directed by race officials.
PENALTY: For not wearing bike helmet Disqualification

15.  Climbing helmets are required at all times during the climbing section if apllicable and when specifically directed 

     by race officials.
PENALTY: For not wearing climbing helmet Disqualification

16.  Racers must follow Rules of Travel as outlined in Course Instructions. Where no specific path is designated, teams 

      select their path between CPs.  When instructions designate a specific route, teams must follow that path.
PENALTY: For travel on forbidden roads or violating Rules of Travel first offense 4 hours / 2nd offense - 


17.  Rear bike lights must be on at all times after dark. Front lights must be on when entering and departing TAs, and 

      when traveling on paved roads or any non-trail. Front lights can be on your helmet or on your handlebars. You will not 

      be allowed to leave a staffed CP/TA if your bike lights are not functioning properly and it is dark or going to be dark 

     before you get back to TA. (Bike lights are for 12 hour and longer races only - not sprints)
PENALTY: No rear light 1hour per infraction. 

18.  There is no Food, Water, Gear Drop unless specified by Race Officials.  Athletes may NOT receive outside assistance 

     except from Race Officials & other registered teams.
Non racer assistance is allowed while in the TA area. PENALTY: Disqualification

19.  NO LITTERING!  Leave no trace!
PENALTY: 4 hrs per infraction.

20.  Use of cellular phone is for emergencies only. No other use is allowed. Unless special instructions are given by race 

PENALTY: Disqualification

21.  Any time penalties will be added to the teams finishing time, except for the Top 10 placing teams which will be served 

     on the course if possible.

22.  Race officials reserve the right to remove a team from the course for health, safety or other reasons, at the discretion 

     of race officials and  medical personnel.

23.  Any team withdrawing from the race must notify a live person by checking in with at a CP or TA volunteer or by 

     calling the race director. Failing to notify race officials will result in that team being responsible for all search and rescue expenses.

24. Any protest must be filed in writing within one hour of the teams finish and will be reviewed by the Race Staff.


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